Around the 21st century (2017 to be precise) there were two mad-creatives locked up in their surreal cave who were tasked with creating a digital marketing company. They had a few ideas, but they were still slightly fragmented, so after thinking long and hard they decided to create a time machine that took them to the future…to get some advanced Intel? No! They really just wanted to find out who would win the sandwich-eating competition they had just started.

 However that was not all they found out. When they arrived in the future, Mr. Deep, the Operations Director, was run over by Corporate Barbie on her way to meet her new digital students. Art Enchantress, who heads up Design and Creative, and Corporate Barbie carried Mr. Deep into her car and rushed him off to hospital. Mr. Deep only had a fractured leg, but kept roaring like a lion along the way. “I want to be remembered as a fierce lion”, he exclaimed (probably thinking he saw the clouds open and heaven’s light calling him, drama king!) They all got to the hospital and Mr. Deep received immediate attention from the doctors. Meanwhile Art Enchantress sat and considered how they could get back to the present ASAP.

 Corporate Barbie’s new boss walked in and she explained what had happened before taking the boss through to see them. All of their jaws dropped, but Corporate Barbie was just confused. Art Enchantress and Mr. Deep explained that they accidentally drove over a speed hump in fourth gear and now they were here. Corporate Barbie asked if everyone knew each other already and Sir Twinkle Toes explained that they were her new digital students and Corporate Barbie will be their Sales and Marketing Director. The whole team was there together in the future, but the digital time machine timed out and Art Enchantress and Mr. Deep were sucked back into the present.

 Unfortunately Mr. Deep’s leg was still incapacitated. Sir Twinkle Toes from the present time walked in to check on their progress and saw Mr. Deep’s leg. “Should I even ask?” he said looking at both of them. They looked around and replied, “Let’s just say you will find out in the future”. Sir Twinkle Toes shook his head and told them that he had found a very successful lady who was going to show them the ropes in digital marketing. He was distracted mid sentence by the two murmuring, “marketing… the future… digital… together… team…”. Sir Twinkle Toes asked what they were murmuring about? Then it hit Mr. Deep, “of course the future boss!” he said.

 Sir Twinkle Toes was perplexed, but Art Enchantress gasped and they both said, “of course boss, FUTURE… MARKETING… DIGITAL”. Sir Twinkle Toes was confused and they explained it was the new digital company name. Sir Twinkle Toes liked it and asked if they were bringing him the future. They asked how he would like it and he said, “Baptized in creativity and grown with finesse”.

They nodded to each other, exchanging a grin and replied, “well that is the future Sir and we have it right here”.

“That’s what I want to hear! Well, continue my young creative spores”, Sir Twinkle Toes exclaimed in excitement, and so they did (after Mr. Deep eventually made it up with that leg, holding everyone back, gosh).

 To sum up our story in a deep thought, Future Marketing Digital was birthed out of a desire to reinvent the digital marketing landscape. Like Newton’s 1st law of motion states: every object persists in its state of rest or uniform motion in a straight line unless it is compelled to change that state. Yes, we might be quirky and a little rough around the edges, but we understand that Rome wasn’t built in one day. We have a dedicated, innovative and creative team of real people because we know that when innovation, creativity and dedication meet real people, the FUTURE happens!


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